Commercial and Public

Commercial and Public buildings need an efficient and reliable infrastructure. Moreover, it’s important that an industrial building and its goods are protected against intruders. Interra Smart Automation offers a safe and easy to manage system for a stable production process....

With Interra KNX products you can combine all kinds of smart home and building solutions to automate and simplify your customer's daily life. We are your all-in-one system. With KNX you are in control!


With over 450 KNX Interra products, you can design your office/commercial buildings so that it meets your needs and that it saves money. With Interra products you can substantially decrease your maintenance costs in terms of energy consumption. 


Moreover the use of smart technology will increase the productivity and quality of your office and its people.

It is an important feature of the buildings of the future to communicate with other systems in the building on a common platform and to be monitored from the center where the controls are made.  With Interra we can offer a complete 360 degree solution

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